Mention “working for the AA” and many people can’t see beyond roadside roles. For the AA, this perception was preventing candidates (and employees) from exploring – and applying for – the full spectrum of roles, from SignsOfficers to Solutions Architects. The new website – powered by an innovative chatbot – had gone a long way to boost engagement and applications. 
But there was still more to do. We wanted new, high-impact content to engage a wider candidate audience, but also to educate employees about the breadth of career paths on offer, encouraging them to commit to along term career with the business.
So we set about creating a humorous, hyperbolic film that would be unexpected, yet equally, an authentic reflection of the AA’s culture. Our approach was to take the proposition – ‘a wide range of roles’ – to an absurd extreme. The idea: showcase ridiculous jobs that the AA don’t offer. And in the process, compel viewers to take notice of what’s really on offer.
 Results: Visits to the careers site homepage are up 16%.  The homepage bounce rate is down 22%. Page views across the site are up 19%.
So far the film has been viewed by 3,680 AA colleagues, 55% of the workforce. On LinkedIn the film has achieved 24,925 impressions and was been shared more than 21,000 times. ​​​​​​​
The job: Concept & Art Direction
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