Once upon a time there was a profession. Known for unmanageable workloads. Poor rewards. Even incompetence. A profession stigmatised by bad press. So at Frontline we said, while we're recruiting candidates for our leadership programme, let’s play our part for the bigger cause. Let’s  transform the perceptions of an essential profession. Let’s launch an idea to make people rethink. 
And Dare to change was born. A call to arms to  challenge jobseekers everywhere. Showing the world that social work is not just a job. It’s an alternative to a regular job: a cause worth fighting for.
+ 114% website visitors (vs. 2015), + 38% candidates registering interest, + 34% completed applications, +18% applications from men, +14% BAME applications, 300 social work positions successfully filled, +13% enrolments on social work degrees 
The job: Concept & Art Direction     
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