Most of the exoplanets discovered so far are in a relatively small region of our galaxy, the Milky Way. We know from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope that there are more planets than stars in the galaxy. We live in a universe of exoplanets. The count of confirmed planets is in the thousands and rising.
So What are the odds that aliens are humanoid? If the creatures from other planets are sentient, then it’s reasonable to suppose that they also make and use tools to interact with their environment. That requires at least one limb to hold the object and another one to hold the tool. To keep their hands free while they move, these aliens would need at least another two limbs. Put all that together and you have a humanoid shape with two arms, two legs, a head and all the other vital internal organs in a central torso. 
Using AI on Midjourney, I explored how alien life could look like on the planets we continue to discover every day.
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