Official selection at the LIFT-OFF GLOBAL NETWORK, SESSIONS 2021. 
I shot Locked In at home in February 2020 during the UK’s second lockdown. When the first lockdown was put in place, thousands of domestic abuse victims were trapped at home with their abusers, and rates of abuse increased dramatically. I wanted to make Locked In because domestic abuse is all too often ignored – especially during the pandemic - and leads to thousands of cases including deaths every year.
I decided not to include any dialogue to intensify the film and build a sense of threat, but also to signify the fact that the majority of the abused continue to suffer in silence.
Ultimately, Locked In creates a sense of dread and inevitability, which is the sad reality for many domestic abuse victims. It’s a theme which I think makes for a powerful piece of film.
Locked In was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 using a Moment anamorphic lens.
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